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A key challenge for all organisations today is the talent selection process – not just of external candidates but increasingly of selecting who to promote and who to invest resources in.

The increasing use of social media networking in identifying potential candidates comes with a risk – for the organisation and its selection processes. The art of predicting potential, performance and retention is not something that can really be achieved with just an interview, no matter the interviewer’s skill level or their carefully prepared set of questions. Today’s candidates have numerous tools to support them in writing a Resume, as well as preparing for interview questions – which means that relying merely on an interview is prone to risk.

Many organisations have abandoned the face-to-face interviews as the sole component of their selection process. Not only have candidates become increasingly savvy in providing “text book” responses, but much of the predictive capacity of the selection interview is dependent upon the strength and objectivity of the interviewer.

Pre-employment selection tools must adhere to national and international equal employment guidelines. As such, assessment products must be designed in a way that omits gender, age or ethnicity biases, which could subsequently impact people with these demographic characteristics while engaged in the hiring process. Our POP™ solution is designed with those considerations in mind and has been tested repeatedly for 30+ years. This allows our clients to leverage our predictive science scores in their hiring process, thereby mitigating bias and risk. This means that every sized organisation can easily and affordably apply our solutions for all job roles that they seek to fill.

Similarly, and here I’m afraid we are going to be blunt, you must be selective about who to include in your training programs. Some people do not want to be developed and some people are simply not the people you should invest in. Investing in the right people with the right programs will deliver a far better ROI than herding everyone into training, and hoping some of it will stick and improve results. You can no longer afford to widely spend on training in the hope that some of it will deliver an ROI. But how do you select the right individuals for training development? Again, science delivers you the answer with POP™.

So, we come to selecting those for promotion. Often the selection process can be best described as incomplete. On far too many occasions, we witness a very successful sales rep being promoted to the role of sales manager. And on far too many occasions, when we ask about that selection process and how it comprised of merely achieving a sales target, the response is “… yes we know it’s wrong, but…”. There shouldn’t be a “but”. We see someone who is evidently very adept at their job/role being promoted into a leadership role that requires far different skills, abilities and approach. This occurs in numerous roles across far too many organisations. The mistakes are obviously felt by the team members, and potentially the business as a whole. Again, science provides an answer with POP™.

Based on predictive analytics and, thorough scientific validation, our extensive range of POP™ assessment tools accurately predict potential, performance, and retention for a variety of roles and industries. One size does not fit all, so you can now access solutions designed specifically for your industry.

From millions of profiles of people from over 3,500 organisations, we provide you highly developed and sophisticated ways in which to measure these success factors using a variety of normative profiles.

Why invest in unnecessary certifications?

Our assessment reports are structured so that your executives, hiring managers across the organisation and HR personnel are provided with a level of clarity often missing from other reports. Don’t invest in unnecessary certifications when you can invest in reports that deliver meaningful data that everyone understands, can easily use, and positively impacts the business.

Orion delivers you a best-in-class, affordable solutions to help you Recruit, Develop, Retain and top potential employees – with no expensive unnecessary certifications.  Looking for a talent management solution that is science-based and not emotion-based? Call Orion today at 1-855-686-2002 Ext. 100 or send us an email to