Traditionally, classroom training has been the only practical option for most companies. Nowadays the increased pace of business, decentralized staff, and a call for more tailored training options has made scheduling and completing in-class training increasingly difficult.

Fortunately, there is a better way to train. At Orion Learning we provide engaging, content-rich online training that can be used to meet a variety of training needs. Orion offers a comprehensive array of online training courses designed to provide users with an interactive and dynamic online learning experience. Unlike instructor-led courses, Orion's online training allows users to learn at their own pace. Anywhere, anytime.

Our courseware is designed by certified teachers with backgrounds in adult education and is supported by our creative multi-media staff. We know how boring most online training is, so we have created courseware that allows for multi-channel learning while providing the user with engaging and interactive exercises designed to ensure high course retention rates!

If you are looking to train staff in Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources, IT Services, Leadership, or Call Center Training, we offer pre-packaged course bundles to help you save time and money! If you want to design your own bundle of courses to train your staff, we can customize our courses to create courseware bundles that meet your needs.

Last modified: Friday, 1 July 2016, 12:36 PM