Canada Job Grant

For our Canadian customers, to help you improve the skills of your employees to be better at their jobs, upskill them for a better job or deliver key training such as a certification program to them, The Canada Job Grant Program is a national expense reimbursement program that reimburses employers up to 2/3 of the cost of training for their employees to a maximum of $10,000 per employee!

This national program includes all of the Canadian provinces and territories and each of them has established processes for eligible employers to obtain a reimbursement and some provinces and territories offer greater reimbursement values for small employers.  Employer eligibility can be found on each provincial and territory website covering the Canada Job Grant.

All Employers must choose an eligible third party training provider and Orion Learning is a national qualified training provider under the Canada Job Grant Program and all of our products (certification, bundles and courses) are eligible.

If you're looking to help offset the cost of training, Call us to today to talk about your learning and development needs and how we can help you reduce the cost of training through the Canada Job Grant Program!

Canada Job Grant - Economic Action Plan

Last modified: Monday, 5 September 2016, 1:31 PM