Volume Licensing

How To Order

Step 1.

Browse our extensive list of courses from our 'Products' navigation menu. Choose from individual courses or a full bundle suite of courses related to your desired topic.

Step 2.

Once you have decided which course/s you would like to purchase, click on that course, this will take you to our online store which includes more comprehensive information related to your choice.

Step 3.

Interested in purchasing any courses? Click 'PayPal Checkout' or 'Click here for volume discounts for this product'. Once you click on 'Click here for volume discounts for this product', you will be taken to an order enquiry form. Please fill out the form, if you already have an account with us, please provide your 'Account ID' with your message.

Step 4.

When you are done click "Submit".

Step 5.

One of our sales representative will contact you shortly thereafter to help you with your purchase and provide important information in regards to your access to the courseware including your access to the Learning Management System.

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