Interactive Courses

Interactive CoursesAt Orion Learning, we recognize that all learners are different and that's why our courses are packed with content, activities and solid assessments all designed to deliver knowledge and job skills to each course participant.

The structure of each each course has been designed to deliver content, activities, quizzes, assessments and in some courses, workbooks. Each course follows a Module, Chapter, Lesson, Activity, Review, Quiz pattern and each course has a Final Assessment and Course Certificate.

All of our courses are digital and can be accessed anywhere, anytime and can be integrated into multiple learning scenarios such as blended learning, webinar learning, distance learning or in-class learning.

Key Course Features:
  • Digital format
  • Interactive content
  • Module, Chapter, Lesson, Review, Quiz format
  • Solid final assessments
  • Downloadable workbooks (select courses only)
  • Course certificates
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