Digital Learning & Social Media

Social Media Integration

Digital learning is any type of competency-based job skills learning that is facilitated by technology or by instructional practice that makes effective use of technology. Digital learning occurs across all learning areas and domains and it encompasses the application of a wide spectrum of practices including: blended and virtual learning.

Over the last two decades, technology has reorganized how we live, how we communicate, and how we learn. Learning needs, environments and processes, should be reflective of and include underlying social environments.

In addition to RSS feeds, our LMS allows seemless integration with popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter etc, and provides out-of-the-box social network, where users can blog, tag, share and message each other from within the LMS. This in turn provides employers unique insight into the learning habits and learning outcomes of their employees, hence allowing the employer to deliver a more targeted learning program geared towards the individual needs of each employee.
At Orion Learning, our competency-based digital learning content utilize interactive content and activities which are designed to teach the participant how to apply the skills - not just the theory of the skill(s).
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